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We fell in love with the 'blue-eyed Snow spotted and marble Bengals at first sight, and have gone on from there to produce well marked Snows with 'mother of pearl' dusting which are doing well on the show bench.  We also have beautiful brown rosetted glittered Bengal queens producing clear coated and well marked kittens of good type with lots of rosettes.



two tone brown rosetted spots on a glittered gold coat on this Bengal female.

rosetted golden glittered Bengal female

Glitterglam Phoenix:
Glitterglam Thriller (7630) x Glitterglam Gypsy(7630). 
 Our up and coming new queen who is covered in dark rosetting on a clear gold glittered coat.  She has a long body and small ears.  We are looking forward to showing her this year and having babies in 2006. 
 Pedigree includes; Jaronbelle Max Inamillion,
Supreme GR.CH. Akerrs Bear Cat, CH. Noahs Govenor, Supreme GRCG. Akerrs Laser Light, GRCH. Akerrs Pickadilly and  Supreme GRCH. Akerrs Bear cat.



Adfurst Hathor (Tiger Lily):

Braeside Hedwig 76b20 x
Chataya Midsummers Dream 76/30.
A clear coated, well marked, rosetted green eyed Snow (AOC 76a30).  Light, glitter dusted base coat and completely rosetted, long in the body. She is soon to produce her first litter.  We are very proud of her. 
Also in her pedigree: Romid Incredible Snowman, Bulubaharu Braeside Bella, Zawadi Chataya Olyvar and Millwood Midnight Caller, Llandar National Velvet.





 Llandar Cherokee
 Llandar Quo Vardis x Llandar Renaisance. 
Cheroke has a pale gold glittered, coat and is rosetted, with a whitened tummy.  Still a baby at the moment we are looking forward to babies at the end of the year.



Our newest girl to join us is  Wildside Diamonique (below)

Supreme Grand Ch. Medoz Razors Edge x Wildside Aziza
She has a beautifully clear glittered coat and great definition between her light gold coat and dark spots and rosettes.  Her grandfather is Supreme Grand Ch. Goldspurr Mugnum Force so a nice new pedigree too.






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